Monday, November 24, 2008

Bird Photography Weekly - Wild Turkeys

Last week I talked about holding a wild turkey program in the park. The weather was beautiful on Saturday. I had 13 participants. On Friday I went in search of the turkeys within the park and found them without any problem. I watched and followed them for a little while. And was hopeful they would be around the same area the next day.

The kids all made a home-made turkey call out of yarn, beads, stirring straws and feathers. They had fun practicing the cluck of the female.

We saw their scat (male), and a lot of tracks; one kid found a feather. But no turkeys. They were smarter than we were that day. Of course, that's not so hard to achieve.

But in celebration of the coming holiday, I have included two pictures of the turkeys in the park. My goal is to one day capture one strutting, with his big tail fanned out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

These are nice photos! Turkeys seem to disappear every time I try to focus a lens on them. We recently had a group come through our yard in the early morning. Though its wooded here, it is a neighborhood in the city. Fun. Love the footprints in the snow!

(sorry about the earlier delete... too many errors!)

Anonymous said...

Turkeys are a lot of fun to watch, especially as they move around the fields and forest with their young. We used to have feral groups come to the house in Winthrop, WA where we used to Live. The mothers have great concern for their young and their chicks are fun and curious at exploring their world. It's great that you are sharing the turkey world with others in your Musings of Nature.

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving! Perfect post for this week :)

Kathie Brown said...

Happy Thanksgiving indeed! Gobble gobble!

Deejbrown said...

"They (turkeys) were smarter than we were that day. Of course, that's not so hard to achieve."
You are so right--thank you!

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about Turkeys is that there are 4 subspecies. So yours are not the same as mine here in the east. This is a great idea, I think I'll post turkeys this week too.

Wendy said...

Yes. We have the Rio Grande here in most of Utah. There are a few Merriam's as well down south. I look forward to reading about your turkeys.

mick said...

Part of the enjoyment I find in birding is trying to find a bird which should be easy to find - and seldom is! Its great when you do get the photo you want!