Sunday, May 28, 2006

God's Hands

The other night I invited a guest speaker to do a slide show presentation at work. His topic was "The Western Art of John Clymer." John Clymer was a famous illustrator and painter who died in the late '80s. His work is wonderfuly emotional and real. After the presentation, we were discussing more about Clymer and his personality. He was described as being a humble, genuine man. One of the audience members commented that she couldn't imagine him putting such emotion and personality into his paintings if he wasn't that way himself. It was a very true and telling statement.

There are many times when I see a sunrise, or a sunset, or rugged mountain peaks tinged with pink or gold, and think to myself what an amazing artist God is. Nature is incredibly beautiful from the tinest insect to the vastness of a mountain range. Flowers and trees. Birds and butterflies. The movement and formation of clouds floating past. God's hand has touched them all. If a painter can put such emotion and beauty into a painting of oil on canvas by possessing those qualities himself, God's depth and breath of emotion, feeling and love extend beyond anything I can comprehend.

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