Monday, July 03, 2006


Have you ever watched a storm roll in? Sometimes it really looks just like that, like the clouds are rolling. Gray, billowing, rolling clouds, low to the ground. Bringing the smell of rain, the winds of change.

I was at work this past Saturday, waiting to present a program about bats (yes, I still intend to do a blog on bats), and a storm was rolling in. There had been a few sprinkles of rain, but mostly the air was just filled with wind; the sky full of dark, gray, billowing, rolling, swooping clouds. I sat and watched them for quite a while, until I had to really think about getting set up for the program. The rain held off until the program was over, when the clouds finally had to spill out their contents.

I love the smell of the air before, during and after a storm. The air pressure lets up, allowing the natural smells of the earth - the soil, the grasses, the trees - to let off their earthy aroma. The air is cool. The sky is often filled will flashes of light and energy as natural fireworks burn through the sky, followed by the crashing, often ear-splitting sounds of thunder.

I just love storms. I love the pounding rain, the thunder and lightening, the smells, the fresh clean feeling of the air after it's all over.


Suellen said...

I enjoyed this one. I love storms too. I remember when ou kids wer young and we would go outside and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder and enjoy the rain.

Sparverius said...

That's probably why I love rain and thunderstorms so much. Because you helped us all enjoy them as kids.