Thursday, September 07, 2006

Drifting Thoughts

I took a little walk today while at work. I had been inside working on filing all day, and just needed to clear my head. So I headed up to the nature trail for a little walk. These are the simple musings that came to me as I meandered along.


Nature both slows the world down and helps pass the time. Interesting phenomenon. Nature, with its slow-paced beat, helps slow my mind, my head, my emotions. And at the same time, time seems to pass more smoothly.

It's easy to get lost in thought - to open your senses to so many things: Insects buzzing, wind blowing and floating through the trees, a variety of smells and colors. There is a great calming effect of being out in nature. Especially with little or no time constraints and nowhere in particular to go.

Its the soft greens, yellows, tans, creams, reds, pinks, oranges, grays...the soft breeze...the bubbling, rolling stream.

I have a presentation to do this evening - one that has the potential of being very emotionally draining. I brought some of my thoughts and notes with me, but can't bring myself to pull them out and look at them. The peace and stillness of my mind is too intoxicating - I can't disturb that. My mind is calm and peaceful, full of sounds, smells and senses of nature - I can't fill my head with the hard, cold written word...not right now. Right now it's just me - here.

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