Friday, September 01, 2006


I made a goal to do something fun on one of my days off. So among other things, I decided to go fishing. There is a nice pond not too far from my house. So I loaded up my fishing stuff and headed out.

When I got to the pond, there were only a few people there, which was very nice. So I sat down, cast my line, and just sat and watched. In between casting, re-baiting, and catching my one fish, I watched all the action taking place at this quiet little pond.

I watched ducks flying in and out and around the pond. I watched a kingfisher hover and dive into the water after some fish, then head back to his tree, only to drive once more. I watched mayflies hovering up and down, in their frantic one day of life. I watched two dragon flies mating, fall into the water, then fly away. Little fry were congregating around the edge of the pond, and when I dunked my power bait in the water, it was like a magnet, and suddenly dozens of baby fish were nibbling on it.

The pond was full of activity, though not many people noticed it, I'm sure.

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