Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back at it!

I just returned to work after a 7 day vacation. What a wonderful, needed treat. The weather was great, though a bit cold. I spent it with a couple of wonderful people. We hiked through desert canyons, scrambled around on cool sandstone shapes, played games, ate well, relaxed. It makes it hard to return to work, however.

But here I am. And we finally have a couple inches of snow. That gets me looking forward to the next few months of snowshoeing and snowcave building.

I have a new ambition. Massage Therapy. I don't know if I'll quit my current job altogether, or just do massage part time. But what I do know, is it feels right. It will be a while before I start, the earliest would be this summer if they have openings then. Or at the very least, next fall. A year away. But then I guess I'll be quite sure, right?

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