Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quiet and Busy

What a day. I spent the majority of the day taking three separate groups snowshoeing. I'm beat. During each of those outings I kept my eyes and ears sharp for a few feathered friends. A magpie was the only thing out there making any noise today. I thought for sure I'd see or hear a few chickadees at least. No such luck.

But each snowshoe group did see quite a few tracks in the snow. The first group saw wild turkey tracks and a coyote. The second group saw weasel and coyote tracks. The third group saw lots of rabbit tracks and smelled that all-too-familiar aroma of skunk.

The sun was shining; the snow was great. I could use a nice hot bath now.


Bevson said...

It must be great to work outdoors. I not only work indoors but do not even have a window to look out of. sigh.

Sparverius said...

But you live in the mountains! How great is that? I live in a concrete neighborhood. So I guess we both have a tradeoff.