Monday, February 18, 2008

Walking the Dog

Today was beautiful. Not as cold as it has been. And so since everyone had the day off, my roommate and I took my dog on a walk. My dog was in pure heaven. All those things she smells every time we take this walk were apparently new and exciting. She loved it.

I loved it too. I saw 5 new birds to add to my year list. My bins (at home) are old and cheap, but I'm on a budget so they'll have to do until I get my tax refund back. But they were still enough to id 2 scrub jays, 1 mourning dove, a gazillion robins, a couple black-capped chickadees, 1 flicker, juncos, and of course house sparrows and starlings. Earlier this morning a cassin's finch was singing from the top of the evergreen tree in my yard. So it was a good bigby day.

My roommate even seemed excited about the variety of birds we saw.

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