Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just one of those things

I took what is probably my last snowshoe tour group today. And the route we followed could easily be renamed Moose Dropping Loop. I am not exaggerating when I say there were no fewer than 30+ piles of moose scat along this trail. And the last half contained a pile at least every 10 feet, less in some cases.

One of the ladies on the tour was excited with the first few piles, and happily took pictures. She said the scat was almost as good as seeing the moose itself. But after about the 20th pile, I quit pointing them out for her. I guess she'd seen her fill of moose droppings.


Bevson said...

I remember the time I first saw moose droppings. I took pictures too, I was so excited. That being said, I ended up taking more pictures of the moose in the end than the droppings.

I got tagged by Minnesota Birdnerd with a meme. I am tagging you. If you want to play pop over and see what it's about.

RLRP said...

That is very funny. And by looking out the window this morning I'd say that you'll be fine with another few snowshoeing trips, don't you?