Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lovely Weekend

My roomie and I had a friend fly in from out of town to run the Salt Lake Marathon this weekend. She ran, I biked. We both made it, she was a bit worse for the wear. :) Running certainly pummels the body worse than biking.

M finishing the run

Me biking (in yellow)

While she was here she wanted me to take her to see some of the birds and places I go birding. We also love to go geocaching, so we combined the two, and found a geocache at Decker Lake, a lovely urban lake.

We found the cache, had a nice walk around the lake, and I not only pointed out some of the common birds on the water, but some that were new for the year, and one lonely Eared Grebe, a lifer for me. Some geese were carefully guarding newly hatched chicks. One chased me down when I got a little too close as they were crossing the path I was walking.

If we weren't limited on time, I'm sure I would have forced these ladies to stay and bird with me for quite a while, because I was just giddy with pleasure at being there.


Marmoreal said...

next time we'll have to plan to bird longer (no force will be needed :)
I enjoyed myself as well.

Kim Nordyke Mack Family said...

It was a lovely weekend. I'd go for longer bird time as well one of these days.

djbrown said...

Tell us about geocaching! I'd love to include it with friends and birding excursions!

Sparverius said...

Dj, check out this link. It takes you to a fabulous website where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about geocaching. I've found so many cool places doing this.