Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vultures and Marmots

They've arrived.

I was on my way home from work earlier this week and noticed about 4 or 5 vultures circling above, moving from thermal to thermal toward the valley. I was happy to see them. They are yet another sign of the sure to come spring. As I continued down the road, another hand full caught my eye. Then another group, 20 or 25 or more, flying en mas toward the valley. As I watched them swarm into the area, I couldn't help but imagine them wondering amongst themselves whether or not they'd arrived a month too early with all the snow still on the ground.

On Saturday, I saw the first yellow-bellied marmot of the year.
These are such funny little animals. They begin their hibernation so early in the fall. Such a fair weather creature. I hope his appearance truly signals the end of all of this snow.

*Yellow-bellied Marmot photo copyright Mike Dunn

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