Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Nature

A co-worker and I took a work trip not too long ago to do a program on birds of prey at another state park. We always have wonderful conversations whenever we go anywhere together. We've talked about things from the vastness of space to the minuteness of mineral and rock particles in granite. We've talked about swiss cheese, and how and why it gets holes in it. We talk about our families, and work, and birds, bats, trees, and flowers. We always seem to get great ideas when we talk together. It's very refreshing.

My co-worker has been working for months to get an education permit for a Peregrine Falcon. It finally came, just in time for us to pick up the bird on our way out of town. He is beautiful! And a joy to work with.We did two programs with him, one on Friday evening and one on Saturday morning. He was the perfect gentleman, even when he wapped us with his powerful wings. We finally came up with a name for him. The previous handler called him Jack. But we didn't think that fit him. So we're calling him Altair which means "fast flying" or "the flyer".

Kathy with Altair and the crowd

Me with Altair
The park this time of year was incredible, and the blooming desert was intoxicating; every breath was full of revitalizing freshness and life.

I love doing programs with birds of prey. People seem to flock to see these guys up close. There is so much awe and respect - I hope it helps instill a sense of wonder and greater tolerance for these amazing animals. There's no need for any senseless shooting out of fear or misunderstanding. There is nothing quite as inspiring as watching an osprey plunge into a cold lake and emerge with a trout. Or an eagle soaring overhead. Or watching a falcon hover, and then stoop for its next meal.

I'm glad each time I have the opportunity to take a trip that involves good friends, good people, good nature.


djbrown said...

"...osprey plunge into a cold lake..." You are doing one of the most important jobs on this earth. Please know you are making a difference in this world!

cjs said...

What great pics! Looks like a great time . . I'm jealous!