Friday, July 25, 2008


I was headed up to the golf course club house yesterday, and heard some "peeping" off in the distance. I made a mental note to scan the area on my way back out.

It didn't take much scanning. A couple of young red-tailed hawks were out testing their wings, talking non-stop to each other. Probably admiring the view from up there, and how it is much nicer than the view from the nest. I'm sure of it.

I came back to the area a bit later, this time with bins and a camera. And by that time, one of these youngsters was perched up in a tree being harassed by three or four magpies. It was pretty fun to watch.

I love the stare down. Eventually the red-tail flew off, but stayed in the area, just circling around, "peeping" to the other .


Corey said...

That magpie's lucky he didn't end up being lunch! Nice find!

deejbrown said...

That soaring Red Tail! Great shot!
Captures you both....

nd1361 said...
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