Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pine Siskin?

All this time I thought I was watching immature American Goldfinches, because they were hanging out with a few adults. Then I was able to take a some pics, and upon looking them up, discovered I was probably mistaken. All you birders out there, am I accurate in my realization?


Corey said...

I believe you're right. Definitely not goldfinches, the striping on the breast and long thin bill are not right for them. I've never seen a Pine Siskin except in books and on the web, but that's sure what they looked like.

noflickster said...

Definitely Pine Siskins - picture perfect! Heavy streaking, pointy-goldfinch-like bill, you can even see the yellow in the wing and the tail in the top bird in the top photo. The picture on the AllAboutBirds page shows a nice comparison. Their song is pretty unique, too, if you hear them calling.

Like you mentioned, I usually find them goldfinches, but I suppose that's because I usually see them at our goldfinch-covered feeders. They share the thistle feeder very nicely, though!

Nice pics,

Nicole said...

Not sure But I bet your right. Sure are pretty birds though. Good job echo.

nd1361 said...
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