Friday, December 12, 2008

Bird Feeders

The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up in February. I wanted to do something in the park to help get people excited about it, and just birds in general. Do you have a bird feeder in your yard? Well, why not? Can't afford one? Well, can you afford milk? Can you afford a 2-liter or 16 oz. bottle of something? Ok, then you can make a bird feeder.

I made three feeders the other day here in the visitor center in about an hour. I hung them up and waited for the birds to find them. About a week later they did. So far I have black-capped chickadees, with dark-eyed juncos gathering what's on the ground. The suet feeder is receiving a steady flow of magpie visitors.

The 2-liter feeder

Anyway, I decided this would be a fun event to do with some of the locals. Invite them to bring milk jugs, egg cartons, 2-liter bottles, etc. And show them how to make a very effective and very economical bird feeder. I may even do the pine cone rolled in peanut butter and mixed seeds. There are so many easy ways to help the birds out this winter.

The 16-oz. feeder with a plastic dish attached to the bottom, and a chickadee flying contentedly away.

So if you ever need a fun, and easy craft for the kids (or for yourself), one that will continue to add joy even after it's complete, try making a homemade bird feeder. You won't be disappointed.


Vickie said...

Terrific bird feeding ideas! Thanks.

deejbrown said...

Great idea. We have some kids visiting this weekend; maybe we'll set up a project....

Akira said...

Amazing idea for bird feeder, thanks for sharing it. Too have seen best of bird feeders at Ace Hardware.