Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unknown Bird Marsh Wren in the Rushes

I was out birding today and heard a bird in the fragmities. I tried to get a glimpse of it, but it was too hidden. So I took this video hoping that someone else out there could tell me what bird this is based on its squeaky little chirping.

Anyone, anyone?

Oh, and should I mention my location of the world? North Central Utah.


noflickster said...

My knee-jerk impression is Marsh Wren. Habitat seems right, location seems possible (probable?), and if you listen to songs of known birds, like the sound online at All About Birds or in the Macaulay Library's collection (search on Sedge Wren), it seems the quality is similar. The gurgles and trills of your bird are simpler than the AAB recording, which is a recording from Florida, so that would be expected: western birds sing simpler songs.

I'd be interested to hear what others think.

ps And why is my word verification "preppe"? I've never been called that in my life!

Kallen305 said...

No idea, but I love it's little call! I spend half of my birding time trying to find birds hidden in various places. It is very frustrating! ;o)

Felicia said...

I'm with noflickster—definitely a Marsh Wren! And that's precisely the kind of environment they hang out in, too.

They're pretty little birds, but secretive, as you've found. But in the spring when they start mating, they'll come out into the open and sing from on top of the reeds. This will be something for you to look forwards to!

deejbrown said...

Noflickster has it, Marsh Wren. According to Peterson (still my personal fave) Marsh Wren's voice is described as: "...reedy, gurgling, ending in a gutteral rattle: cut-cut-turrrrrrrr-ur...." Great little viddo!

Sparverius said...

Thanks for the ID help. I can now add that little voice to my slowing growing bank of knowledge.

I will look forward to having it show itself in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

If DJBrown says its a March Wren then I totally believe it. She has an amazing ear and audio memory!