Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bluff Fort

While in Bluff I had the chance to stay in the "Cowboy Cabin". I don't think it was historically part of the fort. But it was kind of like an old bunkhouse. Very quaint.

So of the fort itself, only a few original buildings, or building remains are present. Most of what is there now has been rebuilt. The Hole in The Rock Foundation is working with family members and others to reconstruct this area to match, as close as possible, what it was like in 1886.

There is a lot of work to be done on a limited budget, but I am impressed with what they are doing, and with what they have accomplished.

This is all that remains of one of the homes. The foundation intends on rebuilding this structure at some point, using what they can of the original stone.

Above is the Log Meetinghouse which served as a school, church, courthouse, and dance hall. The inside is set up for either a meeting or school, and from what I understand, the foundation uses it even now for small gatherings and functions.

These are the replicas of some of the cabins that are being rebuilt. Family members come together, raise the money, and then over one weekend, raise the cabin. Theses will eventually line the perimeter of the square.

This is one of the original wagons that came through the Hole in The Rock trail.

This is referred to as the Barton Cabin. Much has been rebuilt, but a portion of the cabin is original, the only original cabin still standing in the area. And in front of the building, an old covered wagon, similar to what the settlers used to make that incredible journey.

More cabins, making up one corner of the fort.

I think this foundation is doing a great job, and it's exciting to be a part of this project, however small that part might be.

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