Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Photo A Day - July 7

I missed two days there. Some days just slip by. Swine Flu has entered the house - not me, but my roomie's teenage daughter. She is miserable.

I spent about an hour in the heat yesterday pulling weeds. It was actually quite therapeutic. After many, many attempts at keeping Harley within the back yard, I finally broke down and bought some lumber to screw together in the most vulnerable fence spots. Then I discovered that my drill had been stolen. Grrr. I have a new drill now, and the fence work is slated for a bit later today. If I am aware enough, I get some before and after pics to share.

But for today, and to make up for the past two days, here are a few moments in time to share:

This Black-headed Grosbeak visited my friends and I a few weeks ago during our weekend getaway.

T-Spoon. She was lost for a couple of days right after we got back from out camping trip. She isn't an outside kitty, so we were very worried about her. But she found her way home, and is now just as happy and content as always.


Jenny said...

Is T-spoon on the washer? Kitties always crack me up.

deejbrown said...

Glad T-Spoon found her way back home!