Thursday, July 02, 2009


So if anyone is still following this rather inactive blog, I apologize for my lack of posting. It's funny to me how very slack I get in the summer with keeping up my musings on nature. Summer is when there is so much to do, and see. So much going on. Maybe that's why I'm a Summer slacker.

I generally do really well with blogging in the winter. And I guess I just have more time, and less going on at work and in my mind.

But I don't like that pattern. There is so much going on in the summer.

For example, I was outside this morning fiddling with a sprinkler and came face to toe with a lovely garter snake. It slithered away. I watched it. But in a few minutes, there it was again. It had come back for another look I guess. It was fun to watch for a minute or two.

A week or so ago I went camping with some friends. There was so much cotton in the air it was almost magical. We saw snakes, slugs, birds, plants a plenty, spider's webs, rivers, rocks. We enjoyed the pitter-patter of rain on the tent. We enjoyed beautiful hot coals after a nice campfire.

The abundance of rain we've been getting has made this normally dry, hot area very green and lush. It's just now starting to get up into the 80's and low 90's. But we're still having thunder storms, and enjoying the moisture, the thunder and lightening, and that wonderful after-rain smell.

Summer really is a wonderful time. So, to keep myself from missing it completely with everything else going on, I am going make a goal for myself, and share it all with you. I will be posting at least one picture a day through July - beginning today of course. And since I missed yesterday, I'll post two today.

If I miss a day, please give me a hard time about it. Thanks. :)

Nice shot! This just makes me laugh. I wonder how long the golfer looked for this ball. It wasn't even within sight of the golf course. ::chuckle, chuckle::

This little one was hanging around the same area as the golf ball. He had found something tasty to much on and so was still long enough for my first good non-feeder picture of a chickadee.

I can't wait to see what I post tomorrow!


noflickster said...

I have a hard time committing myself to sitting at the computer to blog during these 'outside' months. Paradoxically, these are the months so many bloggable moments occur.

I love the idea of a "pic a day," something short and sweet that encapsulates everything, or at least a slice, of what you're experiencing. I've started something vaguely similar, a very informal and as of yet sporadic "from the photo files," to make up for all the spring experiences I'm lagging on . . . .

Looking forward to your posts!

Jenny said...

You aren't alone! All my blogging buddies are running in the sunshine. That's ok, me too! Looking forward to all the photos! No snakes please, your garter snake would have given me a yelp!