Monday, September 14, 2009

Basement Progress

As promised, here are pics of the basement, right after the tenants moved out, and after doing some work on it.

Today, the plan is to tear out a wall, and re-build it a little further back, to give more room to access the basement. That will be fun.

Stairwell to the basement

Entrance of the basement and dog urine (and other things I'm sure) stained carpet.

Bathroom, with mildewy floor.

Stairs down to the kitchen.

After a little work, stairs down to the basement. That wall at the bottom is the one we are going to move back about 8 inches or so.

Living room after tearing out the carpet. I like it better. :)

Bathroom with a new floor and clean appliances. Getting ready to put the new toilet in.

Stairs down to the kitchen. Ready for some new carpet.

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RLRP said...

Wow - good luck you guys! I hope it goes well.