Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool Wasps

It's looking at ya.

These Bald-faced Hornets (actually, they are wasps) were building a nice hive on the wall of the visitor center. I knew the hive would eventually be removed by the maintenance guys, but I didn't say anything to them about it, wanting to let them live as long as possible. It was fun to watch them slowly build that paper hive larger and larger.

But, just as I expected, the maintenance crew have been cleaning, clearing and painting the visitor center the past couple of days, so I wasn't surprised when I passed by this area and saw that the hive was gone. I suppose it is best as these wasps can be quite aggressive if provoked.

But what cool insects. Black and white, and not so small. Very impressive.


RLRP said...

You are quite the gal, wanting wasps to live as long as possible. I have to admit I do not share your feelings for them. Neat picture, though.

Jenny said...

Cool if you say so! :)

Sparverius said...

Rachel, generally I don't care much for wasps. But these were cool, and weren't swarming all around me.