Friday, September 04, 2009

A Brush with Nature

"Hey Wendy, do you want a snake?"

I pop my head up from looking for insects, and hurry over to where the young maintenance kid is keeping an eye on something.

I didn't want a snake. But I wanted to see it.

A tiny baby Terrestrial or Wandering Gartersnake. It had my affection and desire for protection instantly. And, it seems, that of a small little girl, maybe 4 years old, totally clad in pink. First she just watched in awe as it moved around, and eventually tried to find protection up on my boot.

I gently picked it up and held it so this little girl could get a good look. She eventually wanted to touch it, and then hold it. That prompted the interest of another little, pink-clad girl. She too wanted to touch and hold it.

I was impressed. Pink-clad girls and snakes? But there they were. Loving, admiring, wanting to touch and hold this little thing.

Finally, the first little girl gently took the snake, and carefully placed it in the protective covering of some thick bushes. We all went our separate ways, having touched nature in tender and touching ways. I know I left feeling just a little more complete and whole.

Wish I'd had my camera.

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Felicia said...

Adorable story! That would have made a wonderful photo essay. But thanks for painting the picture so nicely with words!