Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silver-Haired Bat

I was up at our historic site today doing an apple harvest program. As a part of the program, we took the group on a tour of the site, including a short interpretive trail. While on the trail, one family spotted something black hanging off a bush.

As they got closer, they noticed it was moving...breathing actually. It was a bat!

Note the silver-tipped hair and small little ears. This is a Lasionycteris noctivagans, or Silver-haired Bat. Or at least that is my best guess. I've never seen one before. Usually all I see are Little Brown and Big Brown Bats. So this was a treat.

I'm a little concerned about it for a few reasons. One is the position is it resting in. Seems a little haphazard. Another is that is was roosting out in the open. Generally these will tuck themselves up under some bark or in a hole or crevice. So I need to go back later this afternoon and see if it is still hanging around.

I can't tell you how much I love bats. They are simply amazing animals. I do a program on bats entitled: Bats: Nature's Do-Gooders. Because they really are. Do you have any idea how many insects they consume in just one night? (hudreds of tons) Or how many plants Fruit and Nectar bats polinate and help propagate? Do you like cashews, bananas, mangos, agave, figs? Bats polinate these and many other plants that we love. Bats aid in the re-growth of forests that have been clear cut or burned over.

I'll stop now. I tend to get a little carried away. But bats are amazing. And I count myself very lucky to have seen this one so up close today.


Marlo said...

that is so very cool. I hope the little guy is ok.

deejbrown said...

I love bats too and am heartsick at the loss of our Little Browns from white-nose fungus. They used to roost under our house shingles (don't tell the neighbors) but they are gone...all gone. I fear for this species as their loss is another death knell for our planet. (Sorry for such a pessimistic comment. Feel free not to post it).

Sparverius said...

Dj, I feel the same way. It is very sad, and frustrating to not be able to really do anything.

Sparverius said...

Sadly, the bat died. I think it was actually stuck on that plant and couldn't free itself. Those seed heads were pretty sticky.