Thursday, October 08, 2009

A short thought

A group of young children and their parents venture into the visitor center and immediately notice a large moose head hanging on the wall...

Child: "Ohh, look, a moose."

Mother: "Yep, it's a moose."

Child: "Is it dead now?"

Mother: "Nope it's still alive. This is where it lives now, just half of it, up on that wall."

Okay, okay. That's not what she said, but it would have made me laugh. The true version ended like this:

Mother: "Yep, it's dead now."

I love the obvious questions that are often asked, and not just by kids.


Jenny said...

I have two uncles who run a taxidermy shop. I'm sure they have all kinds of comments when people see their little show room. :) Also reminds me that I was singing the cub scout song "Dead Moose" to Jacob just this morning while he was fixing his hair for school. I sometimes serenade my children, whether they like it or not.

Sparverius said...

I love it. My mom did the same thing, but never with such a cool song like "Dead Moose".

deejbrown said...

You could start a whole new blog with these kinds of comments!