Saturday, December 05, 2009

Looking for River Otters

River otters have historically been found along the Provo River. Now they are once again being re-introduced. Not too long ago, the Division of Wildlife Resources relocated a few otters from another part of the state to help repopulate the species along one section of the Provo River. And it just so happens it's right in the area I work.

So a co-worker of mine and I decided to go look for the otters today. We knew where they had been released, but seeing how otters have a home rage of up to 15 miles, there was little chance we would see one. But who says that should stop us from trying.

Signs of beavers were very obvious.

The Provo River

Kathy, my co-worker

Me, scanning for otters.

It wasn't too surprising that we never did see any. But we enjoyed the time looking. We did see a juvenile golden eagle, raccoon tracks, a marsh wren, several chickadees, scat, unknown tracks of other animals (we liked to think they were from the otter),bird nests, and fishermen.

A nest in the hollow of a fallen log.

What we'd like to think were otter tracks.

A hole in the opposite bank. Beaver? Muskrat? Otter? Who knows. And the owner didn't come and introduce herself.

If you'd like to see the first otter that was released, here is a link with a little clip of her.

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deejbrown said...

Love that you went exploring for otters. Who does that anymore?