Friday, April 16, 2010

Uncommon Visitor

I glanced out the window at the pond yesterday as I was passing by. I usually do. Just to see what's out there. Mallards...and Holy Uncommon Duck! Is that what I think it is?

To the spotting scope I dash, and sure enough. A wood duck. Sticking close beside a female mallard.

Wood ducks are listed as rare or uncommon in almost all of Utah. I hear about them showing up from time to time down in the Salt Lake valley and round about. But here we are, sitting in a 6,000 ft mountain valley, and a wood duck shows up.
It's the first I've seen not in captivity. So life bird for me.

He spent the entire day right on the heels of this mallard. And if any other potential mallard suitor came along, he would defend his little lady by chasing the intruder off.

However odd the match up, these two seem quite content to just hang out together. It might be fun if they stick around. A mallard x wood duck hybrid brood would be fun to see.


Jenny said...

How fun! I loved the pictures!

"Ranger" Kim said...

I've only seen them at the zoo in Logan! That would be a fun sighting.

deejbrown said...

We have Wood Ducks here for sure but I never have seen this kind attraction. Their offspring will be interesting. It is nature rediscovering and uncovering itself all the time, no?