Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn Walk

I recognize that I've been neglecting myself lately. While going on walks, or taking hikes, I have not allowed my inner child to explore and look and watch and wait. I realize now how easy it is to forget how to look and see. I need to apologize to myself, and allow the wonder back in.

The changing leaves are wonderfully vibrant this year. With their help in luring me out, I took a walk to capture whatever captured me.

A small hornet's nest on a Hawthorn tree

A bumblebee supping at the flowers of a Goldenrod

Beautiful fall colors along the hiking trail

Part of the reason I went out today was just to enjoy what I could find. But somewhere inside I had the hope of maybe catching a quick view of a snake slithering across the trail, or in the brush off to the side. As I walked, I heard several small animals up in the trees, or down in leaves and grass. Then I heard the sound I was looking for - a soft, constant, rustle of leaves. And there it was, a small Eastern Racer, slowly moving along the side of the trail. 
I followed it, mostly by sound, hoping it would stop in a place where I could get a nice look without scaring it away. Well camouflaged, it did stop. And it took some time to locate it with my camera. 
I did finally find it's cute little head. Every time I moved slightly, the little black tongue would pop out, tasting the air. 

Continuing down the trail, there were more beautiful colors to enjoy.

On my return trip, to my delight, what appeared to be the same snake came into view again and stopped with it's head perfectly framed by surrounding leaves. Immediately after I took this picture it was on it's way again. And so was I.


Jenny said...

I love your walk shared with me. You can keep the snake though... :)

Marlo said...

looks like a nice walk. someday I hope to be able to look at a snake and describe it as "cute" - not quite there yet.