Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October 1st

I sit here looking at the screen wondering just what wants to be written. I have a myriad of things on my mind. Some would be appropriate fodder for this blog; some not.

I love my job. I love what I do and frankly, I'm darn good at it. I love this area. Especially this time of year. I love having the opportunity to be with a group of kids, exploring, searching, discovering and learning about the world around them. I love to aid them in their discovery. And I admit, it boosts my ego when I have a teacher or parent spout about how wonderful I am, how good I am with the kids, and how they don't ever want to see me go. I hear those things and experience the awe and wonder when connections are made, and I wonder why I would ever want to leave. And part of me really doesn't because it is such a great job. However, despite everything that is good about my job, I still find myself experiencing burnout, wondering how to get myself out of this rut I've found myself in.

Then I think about this other job I've applied for. A job 40 minutes closer to my home; a job in the middle of the city; an office job; an office with no windows; a job with new opportunities; opportunities to be involved in the big picture of state park operations; opportunities to travel to other parks, teach and train park staff; be a liaison with other state, federal and private organizations on cultural resource issues; an opportunity to make a difference - behind the scenes, rather than right there in front of the crowd.

Pros and cons.

I would certainly miss the personal interactions with the public, and having part of my work day being spent on a trail, photographing the life around me. I'm good with kids and adults in an educational setting - can I have and show the same dynamic personality with adults in a more "stuffy" setting?

I'm ready to not have to commute 60 minutes one way. I'm ready to not have to work weekends and holidays. I'm ready for a new challenge. For new opportunities.

So, I guess when it all comes down to it, I'm okay (at least for now) with pursuing this office job. There is actually quite a variety in the job responsibilities, and I think I would enjoy it very much, overall.

So, my interview is Tuesday, Oct. 5th. If I do well in that interview, I will be invited back for a second interview on the 11th. If I do well there - I'll be calling and emailing several school teachers with bad news for them and their kids. And I'll be doing it with a touch of (muted) excitement.

If not, well, I'll really have to muster some hidden energy to get out of my current rut.


Jenny said...

A lot to process. I hope for the best for you. Change is sometimes a very good thing, and I'm sure you love the outdoors enough that you would still be out there! Good Luck!

deejbrown said...

Methinks you know where you are going here. There is a voice calling you to grow and learn and challenge yourself, which is probably what you do in your educational events every day to everyone else. It's your turn now.

How did the interview go?

Wendy said...

Thanks Jenny and Dj. I felt like my interview went well. At least I didn't walk out kicking myself or thinking of better answers to questions. That's what was important to me.

I'll find out tomorrow (Thursday) if I am invited back for the 2nd interview.