Friday, November 19, 2010

Ross's Goose

Before I arrived to work today, my co-workers noticed this white goose hanging with the Canada Geese. They were kind enough to take some photos for me and then it showed up later in the afternoon, so I could take some as well. But now I'm kinda stumped. An adult Ross's Goose has orange/pink bill and legs, while this little fella has black bill and legs. So possibly a juvenile?

You can see by the photos that it is much smaller than the Canadas, so probably not a Snow Goose. But either goose is not a common thing up here in Midway. At least not on the pond at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

The more I look at this goose, the more I think I'm right with the ID.

1 comment:

Oak in the Seed said...

I agree...a Ross's! Good for you and great pics!