Friday, November 05, 2010

Short Days, Long Weeks

The days are getting shorter, the weeks are getting longer. All day today I've been thinking it was Saturday. I generally feel done with the week after just two days at work. But maybe that's just me.

I don't mind the changing of seasons. At all. In fact, that transition time is quite invigorating to me. But I do struggle with shorter days, less sunshine, more dark. However, one thing that is great about shorter days - the stars become so much more accessible. One does not have to wait until 10 pm (or later) to have a good star viewing experience. And the stars are so much brighter and more dramatic in the colder seasons.

Still, that doesn't make it any easier to go to and from work in the dark. So here's my solution and suggestion to the powers that be: I suggest we change the length of the work day proportionally to the hours of sunlight. For example, if during the summer we have 16 hours of sunlight and 8 hours of work, then during the winter, when we only have 8 hours of sunlight, we should only have 4 hours of work. I like that idea. I'll think I'll petition for it here in my little world.

Nature Quote of The Day:
"There's no night without stars" 
- Andre Norton

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Jenny said...

Great idea! Where is that petition to sign?