Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fitness and Compost

Yes. They do go hand in hand.

My household has begun a new fitness program. Along with exercise, sore muscles and lots of sweat, this program also generates a lot of food scraps. Almost all of which...well, actually, so far there's no "almost" about it - all of which is compostable.

Yay for a compost bin! Look at all those healthy food scraps ready to break down and become my garden's next awesome growing material. Anyone brave enough to try and identify what we've been eating lately?

On another note - it's still raining. And while that's great for growing gardens and lawns, sunshine is too. Could use a little more of that.


Felicia said...

I wish I had a garden and room for a compost bin. I recycle everything I can and most of what goes in the trash is biodegradable fruit/vegetable scraps. It would be great to put them somewhere more productive than a landfill--I'm glad you can do it!

HappyOrganist said...

I have a friend who keeps worms in her kitchen. That's just weird. (but interesting) ^^

Oak in the Seed said...

Looks yummy already!