Monday, May 09, 2011

Just Musing

I don't have any pictures or fun stuff like that to post today. I'm just here on my couch, listening to the birds outside, watching the rain fall, grateful that it's watering my lawn for me.

We have a covey of quail in my neighborhood, and they are slowing making their way to my street. I love to hear them calling out "Chi-ca-go, chi-ca-go". Kim thinks I'm nuts. But I also hear the Robins saying, "Cheerily cheer-up cheerio" and the chickadees saying, "Hi sweetie".

I haven't planted my garden yet. I was going to wait until after Mother's Day - now I need to wait until it stops raining and the ground isn't a big mud field. But I look forward to it. I've expanded my garden plot from last year. Now the question is what so I plant that will be enjoyed and consumed by my family? They aren't big veggie eaters. 

My job has changed locations. My position is being transferred to Antelope Island as of July 1. There is a park house out on the Island I will be moving into in order to reduce my commute and save hundreds of dollars on gas. Out there my neighbors will consist of bison, antelope, coyotes, hundreds of birds and lots of other wildlife. I'll see what I can do about introducing you all to them.


Jenny said...

I think it will be an interesting thing to be you and the animals. I look forward to meeting them. :)

Oak in the Seed said...

I read your post with a background chorus of screaming wood and tree frogs in the woods across the street. We are enjoying the migrating birds here in NJ also. I love your mneumonic for the quail! Whatever helps you to remember the call is great!
Antelope Island, eh? I would love to be one of those neighbors but instead will look forward to reading about your life with them!