Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Updates

Oh today is a beautiful day. My plan was to work today (Tuesdays are a regular day off for me) because I will be taking Friday off to go on a family camp. But then I thought of everything I need to do before this weekend, and decided to just take it off as usual. And I'm glad I did.

I'll be working in the garage, organizing and preparing all the camping gear, and getting things spiffied up somewhat for the new renters who will be coming July 1. I had a marvelous workout this morning with Kim - we did an hour of plyometrics. Good workout.

The weeds in my yard are growing really well! I've pulled close to two full size city garbage cans worth and there's more where that came from. But I've also done some work on the front flower garden. It's looking pretty nice. My garden is planted, with a few things starting to come in nicely; some things not coming in at all.

My compost pile got soaking wet a few weeks ago because I left the lid off and we had a wonderful rain storm. Now what was proving to be a rich dirt producing pile, turned into a disgusting sludge bin of incredibly foul smelling goop. I emptied it into a corner of the yard and mixed it into the soil. I hope it eventually dries out and stops smelling like rotting manure.

I'll start over with that once I clean out the bin.

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