Thursday, December 01, 2011

It Stinks Today

There is a brisk, 30+ mph wind blowing from the east, right across the shallowest part of the lake. It's stirring up the dead and decomposing matter from the lake and sending those smells right to us. Oh, so pleasant.

When most Utahns think of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake, they think of a hot, dry, stinky place. Well, it is dry, and it can be hot, but the stink, well, yes, it's there too. However, generally that lovely decomposing smell is only noticed on a day like today, with wind whipping the lake up, or for just a brief moment as one drives across the 7-mile causeway to the Island. Once on the island, the smell is gone.

Unless of course it's today. Then those winds are bringing that smell right to us.

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I'm glad you labeled the Muir statement a misquote. That prompted me to track down the original, which I found at