Friday, December 30, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Can you tell me?

Yeah, those are 1500 + pound bison that this photographer continues to approach.

Don't worry. I called this individual back to the road, and then gave a reminder of how dangerous that was.

Remember, they can move 30 + miles per hour. You can't.


Oak in the Seed said...

The belief that "nothing is going to happen to me" is never too far away. Fortunately, there are folks like you doing a great job keeping us (and the animals) safe.
Be careful out there. Look out for the nuts.

Kim said...

I remember my friend and I taking her brother to Delicate Arch. Along the way there was a bighorn sheep along the trail. He tried to go right up to it for a close-up. We called him back and said we needed to keep a closer eye on this 'city boy from Seattle!' Great pictures though, thanks for sharing!

Patricia Lichen said...

Oh jeez, it's amazing how stupid people are about wild animals!

We have a similar problem near where I live, with a place called High Rocks. People underestimate the freezing cold of the river when the summer sun is blazing, and how swift the current is. It's not terribly unusual for someone to get into trouble--or die. No amount of signs and warnings seem to make a difference.

Jenny said...

Have you ever heard of the Darwin awards? :)

Sybil said...

and here I was going to answer: "the island floating in the sky, in the upper left corner?". ;-)