Sunday, May 21, 2006

Front Yard Roses

When I first moved into my house just over two years ago there were two rose bushes, rather scruffy looking, in the front yard. My initial thought was to take them both out. But I didn't get around to it in the first few months living here, and soon summer came around, and the roses started blooming. To my surprise, the one that looked the most ragged, and would have been the first to go, actually bloomed with the most beautiful yellow-orange, very fragrant roses.

Every time I walk by I have to stop and smell the roses. I feel like I am drinking them in. There is so much in nature that we miss, or at first glance disregard. But I have learned that when I take the time to "stop and smell" I find beauty and awe.

I am amazed at the beauty that is all around me, even in this city neighborhood. My work takes me up into the mountain valleys, away from the city, where nature is less inturrupted, more wild. But even here in these street lined neighborhoods there is beauty in the simple things.

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