Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Loves

So I sprayed my weeds. I used round up on the front curb, and something that is supposed to kill weeds not lawn on my entire front lawn....ya, its all turning yellow. Not sure what I did. Maybe my entire lawn was really just weeds. Oh well, if it all dies, I'll just re-plant.

I bought 2 new rose bushes and I am unrealistically protective of them. I planted them on the side of the driveway where in the past it was just a strip of, what else, weeds. Now it is cleared and nourished, and eventually it will be lined with roses. For now, there are only 2 new bushes. But being where they are, next to the driveway, I fear for their lives. I never new how much I loved roses until I bought my house complete with two existing rose bushes. One of which produces one of the most beautiful and fragrant roses I've ever seen or smelled. So I am excited to see how these new little guys survive.

My sister, gratefully, taught me how to properly prune them to keep them looking their best, and ensure they stay as healthy as possible. I think my concern for my roses has sparked an overall concern for my yard. I think mostly to give the roses a nice backdrop. Funny.

Now I need to rid these bushes of the evil aphids that seem to love my flowers as much as I do. But I don't like to share. So they must go.

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Marmoreal said...

aphids...arrghhh. just how do you get rid of those suckers?