Monday, May 05, 2008

Feeling a bit blah

It comes now and then. Usually doesn't last too long, but when it comes, it seems to linger just out of reach until something uncovers it a bit, exposes the harshness of it. A fellow blogger referred to it as a dry "soul spell". Dry, yep, and empty, too. Then it subsides, hides again just out of reach and everything feels fine for a bit.

It tells me I'm lacking something on a deep level. On a spiritual level. On a "soul" level. Maybe its self-confidence. Maybe its just burn out. What ever it is, it takes more than will-power alone to banish it. Or, probably what it really needs is to be seen, acknowledged, and then filled.

I'm eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream right now. That should help. :)


Marmoreal said...

ice cream is a wonderful thing :)
hope you're feelin a bit better soon

RLRP said...

Thanks for sharing...and amen to the ice cream. Unfortunately it's such an easier fix than actually delving in your own inner dirt to figure out what going on in there. Hang in there and enjoy the weather. I love reading your blog, by the way.

Bevson said...

Mmmmm, ice cream, the panacea. We all have misgivings and self-doubt, wishing we were taller, smarter, richer, thinner, living somewhere-anywhere else, more well-versed in life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I think it is part of life. You are not lacking or need to be filled. Try to find what is already there and nurture it. Blogging helps.

djbrown said...

Ice cream does help, My Rx is Haagen Dasz mocha chip.
I have learned to try not to make decisions during these times. Ride the wave. That is all you have to do. Sometimes you just have to step off the world and let it go a few spins without you.
We will wait at the well.