Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not quite sure

I took this picture a few days ago. I love yellow-headed blackbirds, but don't see them nearly enough. I was excited to this tree full of them.

And then just today as I was downloading them onto my computer, I noticed a bird in the middle of this group that isn't a blackbird. Can you see it? It looks "bird of prey-like". Am I just seeing things? Shadows playing with my mind? It looks vary familiar, like I should just know what it is, but I couldn't identify it. Can you?

I was at an animal rehab farm, and enjoyed looking around at the various birds. It was cool to see them up close; sad to think that the reason most of them were there was because of human disturbance. But cool again to realize that most of these guys would be on their way again soon.

The woman who cares for these animals just recently released a Golden Eagle back into the wild. Very cool!


cjs said...

Sorry, I don't see anything in the first pic. The pictures of the for-real raptors are nice, though.

Sparverius said...

The bird in question is lower-middle-ish, behind the power/phone line.

cjs said...

Ah, yes. My guess, based purely on size, would be either a Merlin or a Sharp-shinned Hawk.