Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go With It

I was scouting around this morning, finding a route for a new trail at an old, historic homestead, called Huber Grove. The area is beautiful. Incredibly old apple trees are found throughout the grounds. Aspen and cottonwood trees bring welcome shade and shelter. It's a great place to just "be".

As I was heading to my car after my trail work, I noticed a Cedar Waxwing in one of the apple trees; the first I'd seen in years. Needing to do a few other things away from the Grove, I left, but decided as soon as I could I would return with my bins. I did. And I found the waxwings with no problem. Again, other business pulled me away. Upon talking to one of my co-workers about how close these birds were, and how I wish I could have gotten some pictures of them, she convinced me to go back, this time with my camera. I did. The waxwings were no-where to be found. I was bummed about that.

However, there were several Chipping Sparrows and a couple of very cool hummingbird moths (Hylas lineata) buzzing around. 178 pictures later, I returned to my office and found I had a few fairly decent, and some very fun, pictures.

Chipping Sparrows - checking things out

It had its back to me most of the time

But there were a few opportune moments

Although I wish I could have gotten pictures of the waxwing, I am very pleased with the moth.

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djbrown said...

I love experiencing the valley through your musings. Photos are great too. Hummingbird moths are one of my favorites....