Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Progress Report

I enjoy getting a project in my head, especially when it kind of consumes me. I like the focus. I like to see a concept move from an idea in my head into reality.

So this was my idea. Take this piece of yard that I hate mowing, and transform it into something new, blue-grass free.

So the process of removing grass begins.

Two days later, we are grass-free.

After deciding what to do with this area, several times, I finally settle on a general design. Simple, yet nice. The middle area will also have rocks, once I get my hands on 3 or 4 more big ones.

Today I began the gradual purchase of plants. I'd like to purchase them all at once, but the budget will only allow so much. So here's where I am currently.


RLRP said...

That is so awesome! I love it. What a great and beautiful idea that you are going to love. I only have one really thriving perennial garden but every year as the plants start pushing their way up I get so excited. The rest of our yard just needs a bulldozer. Seriously.

Bevson said...

Ripping up grass is a huge amount of work and you did it all yourself. Good for you. The lay-out looks great. Is that a firepit in the middle or is it going to be a fountain?

djbrown said...

Love your before and after photos--please keep us abreast as it develops!

Erika said...

Found my way to your blog. very nice!

you yard is looking great....