Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fishing Club

This is the third year the park has sponsored a youth fishing club. We always get a great turn out. Usually we begin the club that last week in May. We decided to hold off a few weeks and make today, June 11, our first day.

I arrived to work this morning and it was raining. The kids still came. They practiced casting... in the rain, which soon turned to snow. Yes, it's still June 11. They divided into their groups and headed out to the pond to do a fishing. The fish were biting, kids were catching, and having a great time. It was sill snowing. Most froze before we ended the morning of fishing and went back inside to warm up. Some stuck it out to the end.

We cleaned many, many the rain and snow. It was cold.

I promised the kids that next week it would be warm and sunny. It should be. It will be June 18. Right?

Oh, and I saw my first Western Tanager of the year on Saturday. Beautiful, beautiful birds.


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djbrown said...

June 11 and snowing? How weird is that? Yikes. Hope it warms up soon!