Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nature Hike

I took a group of folks out today for a nature hike to a "secret pond". I had about 30 people show up, which was great, because I had about 30 binoculars to give away as part of a year-long initiative to get kids and families back out into nature. The binoculars are to encourage them to get out and use them again. They were a hit!

The day couldn't have been better. The morning was cool, clear and beautiful. We saw some very fun flowers and birds on our way to the pond. I loved it each time I heard a kid or a parent exclaim how much they were enjoying this, and how they were so excited to be learning so many new plants, and "I've never seen that kind of bird before" with awe in their voices.

And the "never before" seen bird. Fantastic!

Sing out, little guy!

Once we got to the pond, the wonder and exploration reached out even to the adults as they saw the tracks of deer, coyote, and bobcat, butterflies all over, dragonflies and damselflies, tad poles, salamanders, frogs, and pelicans flying overhead. I admit, I was caught up in the excitement as well. Who wouldn't be? We were all kids again.

I love my job.


Marmoreal said...

i love your job too :)

cjs said...

I too am jealous of your job. That tiny frog is super cute! Towhees are such show-offs, aren't they?

djbrown said...

How fortunate our world to have you teaching us about it! I want to be part of this too!
Great photos-I know where your heart is....
Thank you!

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Very cool job! I get to do this kind of stuff when I volunteer for field days with my son's school. It's awesome!

Bevson said...

Great pictures! I love that you gave away 30 pr. of bins. It looks like everyone had a good time.