Monday, June 30, 2008

Roses of Life

I love my roses. When I moved into my home just over 4 years ago, I was very close to cutting those ragged bushes out. It was March, so they hadn't started blooming. But I didn't get to it right away, and soon they began blooming. I'm glad I didn't follow my first impression to remove them, because they are some of the most beautiful, fragrant roses I've ever seen.

Every day either as I'm leaving home, or coming back, I stop to smell my roses. I melt into peace and perfect harmony with life - just for that small moment.

This past week I went camping with my church's young women group. I am one of the leaders, so was put in charge of leading the hike, and doing an astronomy program with them. Hoping to make the hike meaningful, and more than just a long, hot walk at 9300 feet, I put together some thoughts for them to share along the way.

The main idea I wanted to share with these girls is that everywhere in life there are moments, images, experiences that are life's roses. Those things that if we stop to "smell" them, bring us peace, hope, a moment of connection.

Some of my "roses of life" are a beautiful sunrise, a blazing sunset, blooming flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, a smile, a hug, a starry night, good music, family, friends, a new discovery, my dog resting her head on my knee, a warm cat curled up on my lap, rugged mountains, a quiet snowfall.

All of these things, and so many more are the things that add beauty and fragrance to the world.

What are some roses in your life?


djbrown said...

Love this.
My "roses" are my family, as flung out in the world as they are; my mate, my six rescued cats, my dysfunctional and beloved family of friends. The catbird in the forsythia, the RT Hummingbird swinging/buzzing over its territory, the soprano howl of coyotes in the distant, even here in NJ.

Arija said...

Good question. Mine are too numerous to list,Í'll give you a few samples: The first sleepy chirp of a bird just pre first light, a Zen moment waiting in a supermarket queue, a misty dawn, being whipped by storm wind walking on a beach, quietly companion sitting with cows on the paddock, a grandchild's tiny warm hand slipping into mine, a dragonfly landing on my hand and refusing to leave, a wild bird that trusts me to pick it up and put it in a safer place, people lighting up when they see my happy face walking down the street, dew on the grass winking with rainbows and many, many more!
Keep enjoying every minute of your life.