Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bird Photography Weekly

Most of the swallows have moved on by now. But every year, we have quite the little gathering around the visitor center. Barn and cliff swallows nest on the building, but we also see tree swallows out hunting for insects at the pond.

The two pictures below are of barn swallows. I wish this first one was more clear. Mom (or dad) continued to feed that little guy in front, while the guy in back constantly begged and hoped for a little something. Eventually they all flew off to new perches where they continued to beg for a little morsel, I'm sure.

This one was taken earlier in the summer. I just love the colors on this guy, and his "expression."

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Tabib said...

Hi Wendy,

The second pic was well exposed that shows good colours. The swallows extended head is a bonus.