Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Day In the Life...

I arrived to work this morning just before 8am, and there they were. A rafter of Turkeys just hanging out in the top of a tree. I've seen it before. I've watched them fly (flopping and crashing through branches) up into the trees to roost. But still it just tickles me. How these 15-25 lb birds with feet for walking on the ground, not perching in a tree, can just sit up there, in the top-most branches and hang out.

Who'd a thunk it?

A bit later in the day I took a lady on a snowshoe tour. She had never been and felt better about having a guide. We enjoyed a nice trail, great weather and beautiful scenery.

While we were out there strolling along, I noticed some rather large tracks heading off into the trees. Big, probably 3 1/2 - 4 inches round, direct register (meaning the back foot registered directly over where the front foot had been), and a pretty long stride (distance between each foot print). They were a day or two old, so I couldn't see the actual print, but there is really only one animal, with a foot that big and round, in the area. Mountain Lion. And we've had a few sightings the past few weeks. I looked up hopefully and scanned the trees, knowing full well the cat would be nowhere near there. But I looked nonetheless. One can always hope. :)

Sorry I don't have a picture of the tracks. I thought of that well after the fact. Oh well.

I will be taking another beginning snowshoe group out a little later today. I wonder what discoveries I will find with them?

Here's a few past snowshoe excursions for you to enjoy:

The kids found that running with snowshoes is possible, but quite tiring!

The Park Manager. Yes. I have a rough job.
But somebody has to do it.


Red said...

Yes, very rough job ;)

What strikes me is that you were HOPING for a Mountain Lion (as would I) but around here in the suburbs, people freak out over the news that one was wandering through someone's backyard 5 miles away... big whoop... so they are looking for food or water... don't we have enough? or worse, they want them eradicated from the county parks because they like to run/hike there.

fffttt city folk!

Vickie said...

Great post. All those beautiful mountains and snow. What a prize to recognize mountain lion tracks.
There is something compelling about rugged country and its native inhabitants. Haven't experienced snowshoes. That's on my list.

deejbrown said...

Turkeys in a tree and mountain lions. Glad you are on the job and love what your do!

Anonymous said...

Turkeys in trees? What next! Great post and fun photo. Stay warm!

Bevson said...

I love snowshoeing (I have 2 pair) but we generally don't deep enough snow to use them. I should haul them out this year. We certainly have plenty of snow.