Monday, April 27, 2009

Bird Phototgraphy Weekly

As I begin to share the adventure I just returned from, let me start with some beautiful images of a few Turkey Vultures for Bird Photography Weekly.

Those tiny specks above the mesa are Turkey Vultures, circling, soaring, looking beautiful in the setting sun.

A vulture splashed with the light of the setting sun.
The purpose for my trip to Bluff was of a historic nature. In the 1800's, a group of Mormon pioneers were charged with starting a new settlement in the San Juan area of the state (four corners region). They traveled through some of the harshest, most broken land in the country to settle this area. The entire expedition ended up being called the Hole in The Rock Expedition because of a section of trail they cut through a narrow passage in the steep sandstone cliffs overlooking the Colorado River.

I am helping to tell a very small part of this story and wanted to go down and experience first hand some of this area. I stayed the weekend in the old historic fort that is being re-built, and a part of the weekend out Jeeping the original trail.

It is beautiful, rugged, wide open country. I had no TV, no internet, no schedule to keep. It was exceedingly relaxing.


mick said...

Magnificent country and your trip out there sounds great. I look forward to reading more about it.

MaineBirder said...

Beautiful scenery! I bet you had a wonderful time.

Jenny said...

I am glad you get to study and share this story! I would be glad to know more about it. I also need to get me some of that relaxing!

Larry Jordan said...

It looks gorgeous Wendy and I love the sunset drenched Turkey Vulture. I hope you got some good relaxing time. Enjoy it while you can. And the desert scenery, WOW!

deejbrown said...

Incredible country. Good to be reminded of life without TV, internet & schedules. Just the turning of the earth to abide by.