Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The city of Bluff

Well, calling it a city might be pushing it. I think I heard about 300 people live there. The original group that settled the area consisted only of about 250 people. So, suffice it to say, Bluff is quaint. The area is harsh. The majority of the early settlers only stayed a few years, because of the difficulty in irrigating their lands, flooding of the river that destroyed most of the homes and farms, and just plain difficult living circumstances.

But the effort in getting to this corner of the world seems virtually unthinkable. I had read stories of the harsh broken country these pioneers had to travel through, but having been there, and seeing that land, makes me truly wonder how they ever made it with covered wagons. We had a heck of time in some areas with 4-wheel drive Jeeps.

More of that story to come. For now, here are images of Bluff, and the historic graveyard overlooking the valley.


Nicole said...

Very pretty. What a great old cemetary!

deejbrown said...

Makes me think about life outside of my daily routine. Thanks for opening up the world for us!