Saturday, July 25, 2009

Park Visitors

Okay, forget the Photo A Day thing for a while. I'll still do my best, but it isn't working out quite the way I'd hoped. So I'll just post what and when I get that inspiration.

And today I found a little inspiration without putting a whole lot of effort into it. People are funny.

This is a view from the backside of the Visitor Center.

Isn't it lovely? There is a reason for showing you this...can you figure it out without going to the next pictures?

Just in case you can't, here is a view from another angle.

There were a lot of people hanging out here last night. I guess they had a lot of garbage...and I'm glad they used the garbage can.

But come on people...really?

There are two garbage cans here!

And they are what? 30 feet apart?

This didn't happen just this one time. It happens all the time. This is just the first time people have taken the time to actually lift the garbage can lid to get more garbage to fit when all they had to do is walk a few feet.



Jenny said...

They are all teenage boys. Mine always drops his laundry on the floor, milimeters from the open laundry hamper. Groan!!!

Pam said...

Maybe they were playing follow the leader :) I guess its one of the things that make you go, hmmm!