Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo A Day - July 23

So it isn't quite a photo a day, but more like a photo every now and then. :)

After taking a little time off last week, yesterday was back to work. To help ease the pain, I took a little drive to see what was out and about.

A little squirrel in the top of a tree, eating a little treat.

Just before I took this picture I was scanning the area with binoculars looking for bird nests, when I came upon a coyote standing very, very still. I watched it for a while, and looked around to see what it was honed in on. I couldn't see anything. So I grabbed my camera, but when I focused back in on the spot, the coyote was no where to found, and in its place was this marmot. Very strange.

1 comment:

deejbrown said...

That wasn't a coyote you saw. It was the mysterious mammalian shapeshifter!